He found his soulmate. That is so inconvenient.

I write unconventional romances, ardently love hot chocolate, and pursue as free a life as possible.

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The Fallen Stars


Enter a world where dragons roam, and come to a mountain fortress where outsiders fear to tread. The stars shine brightly over their earthbound brothers and sisters, the specs of broken celestial light that seeded Man. Such is the nature of the universe: breaking, splitting, wandering eternally — but parts once whole yearn for reunion. It is the sacred task of the Oracles to trace the paths of the stars and find from whence they fell… and into whom.

The fire-born children of Brigante have called the Tore mountains home since a dragon breathed rebirth into the first of their kind. As they come of age, they turn to their Oracles for knowledge of their sacred selves, and the only other people in the world who can make them feel complete again. Their soulmates are written in the stars, but sometimes the knowledge of the heavens is best left undivined.






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