Influencer Program

I do not provide free review copies of my ebooks up front. However, I do operate an Influencer Program which reimburses qualified reviewers* who post reviews of my books. This program ensures that the author/influencer relationship works both ways. I’ve given out a great many review copies to people who don’t take the commitment seriously enough to actually review the book. Hence, no more free copies up front.

To be reimbursed for the cost of a book, you must:

  1. Purchase a copy from a licensed retailer (i.e. not download the book illegally).
  2. Post a review of the book on your literature-oriented website and on the retailer from which you obtained the book.
  3. Complete the Request to Reimburse form and attach your proof of payment (receipt) to the form.

Reimbursements are distributed via PayPal.

Qualified Reviewers

The Influencer Program is limited to Qualified Reviewers, defined as:

1. Bloggers and media personnel with established book/media review blogs, who are actively and regularly posting content of at least 500 words/piece. Blogs and websites must be written primarily in English.
2. Goodreads “power users” with a network of followers/friends exceeding 1000 users.
3. Reco users with a network of 500 or more followers.


I’m a fan of your books and posted a review on Amazon. Can I get the cost of the books back through this program? 

The Influencer Program is for bloggers, media personnel, and social media influencers who operate dedicated book/media review platforms. If you do not have a blog, website, podcast, YouTube channel, etc. on which you regularly post content relevant to books and my target audience, your Request to Reimburse form will be declined.

Does the review have to be a positive one? 

No. Any review posted on a legitimate Influencer’s website and on a retailer’s website is eligible for the Influencer Program.


Influencer Program


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